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Top Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Denver Area Home

Top Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Denver Area Home

If your home is your castle, then your backyard represents the palace grounds. You want to be able to enjoy outdoor entertaining and have a place for your kids to play that’s protected from the prying eyes of neighbors and anyone just walking by.

You’re not alone. More and more homeowners in the Denver area are opting to install a privacy fence. Just Google “privacy fence ideas” and you’ll see an amazing variety of options for these solid fences. They enclose your yard and give you – yes – privacy. But they give your yard curb appeal and help you express your artistic side as well.

The most common options are:

  • Wood privacy fence
  • Vinyl privacy fence
  • Trex® privacy fence

Once you select a material, you’ll want to decide on color, a mix of materials, and whether you want a vertical or horizontal privacy fence. In general, a vertical fence gives a more traditional look, while a horizontal privacy fence gives off a contemporary vibe.

Again, Google is your friend. Those images that popped up when you searched for privacy fence ideas are all real fence projects and ones that we can duplicate.


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Trex® Fencing vs Wood

How to Get the Fence Installation You Deserve

Privacy Fence Height

In addition to being pretty solid with no large gaps like you would see with steel ornamental fencing or split-rail fencing, privacy fencing is also tall. The standard height is 6’. Tall enough so many people can’t see over, or just the top of their head would be visible.

But privacy fence panels and pickets are also available in 7’ and 8’ heights. Which height brings your privacy fence ideas to life will depend on your aesthetics and local restrictions.

Add a Lattice Fence Topper for Privacy

For added privacy with flair and a view, consider adding a lattice fence topper. You’ve seen pictures of them, or maybe even seen a fence in your neighborhood with one. You have your standard solid privacy fence, and then the topper attaches to the top, adding one foot to the height of the fence. But since it’s lattice, you can see through to the other side.

A lot of our clients choose to install a 6’ privacy fence and add a lattice topper for visual appeal at the time of their fence installation.  If you have an existing privacy fence, adding a topper could be a DIY project if you have the time and the right tools. If you need help, give us a call. We may be able to fit you into our schedule.

Add Plant Material

When you search for images of privacy fence ideas, you’re also likely to see pictures of fences with attached pergolas with vining plants, as well as people who have turned a portion of their fence into a living wall by adding plant shelves and pots.

Depending on how close your fence is to your property line, you can also plant small trees on the outside of the fence, or on the inside, to add additional height. Keep your landscaping and living wall ideas in mind when you choose your fence material, and decide how close to your property lines to install it.

Follow the Rules and Regulations

Whatever you do, before you spend any money on your privacy fence ideas, make sure the fence height you want complies with your HOA rules as well as local regulations. This is another reason it’s a good idea to work with a professional fence company. They know when and where to go to get the correct permits, all the ins and outs of property line setbacks, and more.

The last thing you want to do is hire a handyman or a fly-by-night contractor who puts up a fence in the wrong place, or one that’s too high, or doesn’t get the right permits. Doing any of these can result in you paying to have your new fence torn out. And that would be a shame.

Get a Privacy Fence Installation Quote

Got some privacy fence ideas you want to turn into reality? We can help. To get a privacy fence installation quote, set up a consultation using the contact form or call (720) 418-8194. If you’re not sure what height or type of fencing to install at your home or business, we can give you multiple quotes using multiple fence materials.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee a quality privacy fencing installation. We proudly serve homeowners and commercial clients in the Denver metro area, including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Wheat Ridge, and surrounding areas.