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Winter Fence Installation in the Denver Area

If you’re like a lot of folks in Colorado, you want to snuggle by the fire in the wintertime, or go out and hit the slopes. The last thing you’re thinking about is fence installation. What if we told you the colder months are the perfect time to think about getting a new fence installed?

There are several benefits to scheduling your fence installation during the winter, rather than waiting until springtime. This holds true for residential fencing as well as commercial fencing. Let’s take a look.

You Can Avoid the Competition

As soon as the sun begins to warm things up a bit in the springtime, homeowners hit the big box stores and hardware stores to get started on outdoor projects. They also start booking appointments with local contractors. If you’re doing it, so is everyone else.

Avoid that springtime competition by scheduling your installation in the winter months.

You Get Your Fence Installed Sooner

Let’s face it. Winter is a slower time for fence contractors and other contractors who work outdoors. You can use this fact to your advantage. Because it’s a slower time for us, you may be able to get an estimate scheduled and get your design approved by the HOA or Design Review Board (if you have one) sooner than you would in the summer months.

In addition, it’s easier and faster for us to get any needed permits because the permit offices are not as busy. This means we get your job started sooner, and your installation completed in less time than it would take in the summer.

You Might Save Money

This is no guarantee, but sometimes fence companies have surplus fence materials at the end of the year, which means you may be able to save some money if you choose a certain type of fence. But whatever you do, don’t go for El cheapo fencing material to save a few bucks. Stick with quality products for a quality fence.

And stick with a reputable fence contractor. They may offer free upgrades or lower labor costs in the winter to keep business coming in, and to keep their best workers on the payroll.

Winter Fence Installation is Landscape Friendly

Because your grass, perennials, and some shrubs have gone dormant, there’s no worry that heavy machinery will kill grass. And you can trim or relocate shrubs to make way for your new fence. While we always take care to protect your landscaping, winter dormancy makes that easier.

Getting your fence installed in winter also gives you time to plan for new landscaping come springtime.

Fence Contractors Have the Tools and Know-How for Winter Installation

Yes, we know the ground freezes. We can work around that. We have specialized tools and the experience to get the job done right. By using a jackhammer or auger and a special concrete additive, we can dig post holes deep enough and keep the concrete from freezing until the fence posts are set. Then we can install the rest of your fence.

However, if we get a huge amount of snow or it’s colder than 25 degrees on your scheduled installation date, we’ll need to reschedule. We also will not install your fence when the ground is saturated and muddy, because that’s not conducive to the fence posts setting properly.

You’re Ready for Private Outdoor Living Come Springtime

If you’re tired of nosy neighbors looking into your yard, a winter privacy fence installation makes even more sense. By getting it installed now, you have the privacy you want in the spring, summer, and fall months without waiting weeks for an installation appointment.

That gives you the time to make the most of the good weather for gardening, outdoor games, and even lounging poolside.

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Schedule a Fence Installation Estimate

If you’re looking to get a fence installed, it pays to get several estimates from reputable fence contractors. The Denver Fence Company has years of experience installing all types of fencing for homeowners and commercial clients in the Denver metro area.

Fence options include:

  • Cedar Fence
  • Trex Fencing
  • Steel Ornamental Fencing
  • Vinyl Fence
  • Chain Link Fence

To schedule your FREE, onsite estimate, call (720) 418-8194 or complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you by the next business day. Our service area includes Denver, Arvada, Aurora, Centennial, Golden, Lakewood, the Front Range, and surrounding areas.


Steel Ornamental Fence vs Wrought Iron

If you’re thinking about installing a fence at your Denver area home or business that protects your property yet lets you enjoy the view, you’ll want to read what we have to share today. We’re going to compare and contrast steel ornamental fence vs wrought iron fence.
Both types of ornamental fencing lend elegance and beauty to your home or business, as well as strength and durability. However, the two types of fencing have some distinct differences you should be aware of. Keep reading to find out the differences between steel ornamental fences and wrought iron fences.

Wrought Iron Fencing

With its historic, ornate, and sometimes even Gothic look, wrought iron fencing has been around for years. You can see it at some historic churches and other historic properties in the area. However, it is decreasing in popularity for several reasons, including:

  • Compared to other fencing materials, it’s expensive to fabricate and install.
  • Since it’s pure iron, it’s not as strong as steel.
  • It’s extremely heavy.
  • Wrought iron is prone to rust.
  • A wrought iron fence will need sanding and painting if rust forms.

If you’re in love with wrought iron fencing and won’t settle for anything less, just be prepared for some added expense and maintenance. If you love the look but not the drawbacks, there is another option for you.

Steel Ornamental Fencing

Steel ornamental fencing is our top choice for a metal fence for your home or business. It has the high-end look of wrought iron fencing without the drawbacks. Let’s take a look.

  • It’s more affordable, is pre-fabricated at a factory, and is easy to install.
  • Steel ornamental fencing contains an alloy of iron and carbon – the carbon makes steel stronger than wrought iron.
  • It’s not as heavy as wrought iron, making it easier to install or repair.
  • Galvanized steel contains zinc, nickel, and cadmium, making it highly rust-resistant.
  • Steel fencing is powder coated and will not need painting.

Steel fencing can protect and beautify your home or business without hiding the view.

Which Metal Fence Is Right for Your Home or Business?

If you live in a historic neighborhood, check to see if you are required to use wrought iron fencing. If you’re absolutely in love with the ornateness and customization available only with wrought iron, then wrought iron should be your choice.
However, if you’re budget conscious and want a low-maintenance fence with the look of wrought iron without all of the drawbacks, steel ornamental fencing should be your choice.

Schedule a FREE Steel Ornamental Fencing Installation Quote

If you love the look of wrought iron fencing but want the low maintenance of steel ornamental fencing, we can help. We install this beautiful fencing all throughout the Denver area. The fastest way to reach us to schedule a fence installation quote is to call us at (720) 418-8194. You can also fill out the form and we’ll get back to you by the next business day. Building a fence that will last takes time and expertise. We have an abundance of both.
We serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the Denver metro area, including Lakewood, Wheatridge, Arvada, Littleton, Golden, and surrounding areas.

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Top 5 Benefits of Trex® Fencing

Installing a privacy fence to enclose your backyard gives you instant privacy and protection for your children and pets. While cedar fence is very popular in the Denver area, Trex® fencing is gaining in popularity. And it’s not hard to see why.

Today, we’re going to go over the top 5 benefits of Trex® fencing for your Denver area yard.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Trex® Fencing is made from 95% recycled materials (reclaimed wood, sawdust, and recycled plastic), making it an eco-friendly choice you can feel good about. Trex® annually keeps more than 400 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap out of landfills.

No Splinters, Warping, Cracking, or Rotting

And while Trex® fencing has the look of a wood fence and comes in natural wood colors, it doesn’t have any of the drawbacks a wood fence does. It will never splinter, warp, crack, or rot. This means you won’t have regular fence repairs as the fence ages or is exposed to severe weather.

Low Maintenance

Trex® fencing is very low-maintenance. It may need a hosing down a couple of times a year. But it will never need to be sanded, stained, or painted to keep looking its best. That saves you time AND money every year, year after year.

No “Ugly” Side

In addition, with a Trex® fence, there’s no “ugly” side to the fence, unlike with a stockade fence. With a stockade fence, you see the backer rails, fasteners, etc. while your neighbor sees the smooth side.
But with Trex® fencing, you get the same visual benefit of the “pretty” side of the fence your neighbor sees. With its board-on-board appearance along with top and bottom fascia rails, a Trex® fence has a beautiful, finished appearance on both sides.

25-Year Residential Warranty

Trex® also provides an industry-leading 25-year residential warranty on fencing products. This is your guarantee that the fence will not warp, split, crack, or rot. If there is any sort of manufacturing defect, Trex® will either replace the portion with the problem or refund your money. The commercial warranty is 10 years.
While the upfront cost of Trex® fencing might be more than a cedar fence or wood fence, the low maintenance and increased durability can make it a more cost-effective and less time-consuming option. As always, we recommend professional fence installation to get optimal results.

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Schedule a FREE Trex Fencing Installation Quote

If your HOA requires Trex® fencing or you just love the look and low maintenance, you’re not alone. We install this composite fencing all throughout the Denver area. The fastest way to reach us to schedule a fence installation quote is to call us at (720) 418-8194. You can also fill out the form and we’ll get back to you by the next business day. Building a fence that will last takes time and expertise. We have an abundance of both.

We serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the Denver metro area, including Lakewood, Wheatridge, Arvada, Littleton, Golden, and surrounding areas.


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Don’t Forget the Pool Fence

Getting a New Pool? Don’t Forget the Pool Fence

Late spring and early summer is prime time for new inground pool installation in the Denver area. But before you take that first swim, make sure you’ve arranged to have a pool fence installed. For safety and liability reasons, you don’t want it to be an afterthought.

Many pool contractors install the pool and don’t do anything else. In this situation, you’ll need to hire a reputable and experienced Denver fence company to design and install your new pool fence. You’ll need to be sure to follow the Colorado code as it applies to swimming pools and fences.

Pool Fence Regulations

Did you know that you must have a pool fence installed before the pool contractor can legally fill your inground pool with water? And the fence must meet or exceed certain specifications, including:

  • Fencing must completely encircle the pool, and if the house is part of the barrier to entry, it must have pool entry warning alarms.
  • The pool fence must be at least 4’ tall.
  • The gate must open out (away from the pool) and have a self-closing mechanism.
  • Pickets should not be spaced more than 4” apart.

This is all for the safety of your children and neighborhood children and pets. By having a pool fence installed, you can also help keep wildlife out of your pool area. Your homeowner’s insurance may also require that if you have a pool, you have it properly fenced in.

Pool Fence Ideas

So now you know how high the fence should be and what kind of gate you need. Now it’s time to look at some attractive pool fence ideas. The big thing to decide is if you want your pool area to be visible to your neighbors.

Privacy Pool Fence

Many people decide they would like to keep their pool area shielded from prying eyes. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider building a fence that’s taller than the required 4’. By installing a privacy fence around your backyard (cedar, vinyl, Trex®) you provide privacy and enhance the look of your home.

Which material you choose will depend on your tastes, budget, and how close to the pool the fence will be. For instance, you would not want a cedar fence if it would continually get water splashed on it.

Pool Fence with Pickets

You can also opt for a vinyl picket fence, which is lower than a privacy fence and lets you see into the pool area. This can be a good option if you have a larger property and you just want to fence in the pool area.

Steel Ornamental Pool Fence

If you have a larger property and you’d like to be able to see what people in the pool area are doing, or you don’t care about the neighbors, steel ornamental fencing is another good option. It gives the elegant look of wrought iron but doesn’t require all that maintenance.

Deciding which type and style of pool fence you want can be a bit overwhelming. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss some of your options with you to help you make an informed choice.

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Get a Pool Fence Installation Quote

Do you want a beautiful pool fence to complement your new pool? We can help. To get a fence installation quote, set up an on-site consultation using the contact form or call (720) 418-8194. We offer some of the best Denver pool fence installation prices you’ll find.

We guarantee a quality fencing installation that will enhance your home and pool. We proudly serve clients in the Denver metro area, including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Wheat Ridge, and surrounding areas.