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What Type of Fencing Is Best?

What Type of Fencing Is Best for My Home or Business?

This is a question with no simple answer. No two customers will think exactly alike. It all depends on what you want and need a fence for, what you want it to look like, and what your budget is.

There are two main things to consider: types of fencing materials, and types of fences. Keep in mind your budget and aesthetics as you read through your options.

Types of Fencing Materials

We’ll discuss the types of fencing materials we use in fence installation. These include:

Cedar Fence

Cedar fence gives a classic look to your home or upscale business. It can also give a rustic look, depending on the style of fence panels and whether you choose to let it age to its natural silvery grey color. Unlike other, cheaper wood fences, a cedar fence resists rotting and can stand up to harsh sunlight.

Trex® Fencing

Trex® fencing gives you the look of wood without the potential for rotting, splintering, or maintenance such as painting or staining. It is an excellent solution for those seeking a privacy fence that looks great and meets HOA standards.

Steel Ornamental Fence

Steel ornamental fence lives up to its name – ornamental. It is designed to look good, and make your residential or commercial property look good to someone passing by. If you want privacy, this is not the fence for you. But if you need a fence to keep the kids and pets in or to showcase your property, it can be a good, no-maintenance option.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence can be a good solution for both shorter garden fences and privacy fence. Some homeowners use it as pool fence, as well. It can give an upscale look to a commercial property where privacy is important, such as around a hotel pool or patio area. Vinyl is also low maintenance, and just may need hosing down once in a while,

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is a very cost-effective solution if you have to fence in a large area. We see it most commonly in commercial and industrial applications, such as around warehouse properties, industrial complexes, etc. Homeowners might use it for a dog run or for another smaller area where what the fence looks like is not as important as how it functions.

Types of Fences

By types of fences, we mean taller fences such as privacy fences, or shorter picket fences. These are sometimes referred to as fence styles. Then within each of those categories, you can choose among:

  • Picket, plank, or panel styles
    • Dog ear, scallop, flat top, Gothic, lattice top, shadow box, rail, and more
  • Color (in some cases)

You may be limited in the fence material, style, and color you can install at your home or business, based on your HOA or commercial district regulations. But if you want a privacy fence, you will want to go with a cedar, Trex®, or vinyl fence. If you want to showcase your property and just have a physical barrier, a steel ornamental fence might be a good option. And if you just need a shorter fence to frame your front yard, you can use any kind of material or style.

Fence Gates

Your fence gate will be the same material and style of your fence. But you still have many options regarding whether you want a double gate, an automatic gate, or other feature. How far you venture from the basic gate will increase the cost of the gate itself.

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Whatever you choose, we guarantee a quality fence installation. We proudly serve homeowners and commercial interests in the Denver metro area, including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Wheat Ridge and surrounding areas.

Steel Fence

The Benefits of Installing Steel Ornamental Fencing

Benefits of Installing Steel Fencing

Once you’ve decided to fence in your yard or business property, you have a lot of choices. Here in the Denver area, one of the most popular choices is ornamental steel fencing. It has beauty and elegance, and a lot of other things going for it that make it a great choice for residential and commercial applications alike.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of steel ornamental fencing:

Increased Security

Any time you put up a fence around the perimeter of your property, you’re increasing security. Steel ornamental fencing panels come in a more decorative height of 3’, but are also available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ fence heights. In addition, an ornamental steel fence is compatible with automatic security gates and access control systems.

This makes a taller fence with pointed pickets and a security gate a good deterrent for a would-be trespasser.

Fast and Flexible Installation

Installing steel ornamental fence can be installed relatively quickly due to the prefabricated fence panels. This type of fence is also ideal for installation on a slope, because it’s available with rackable steel fence panels that adjust to the slope of your property.

Rack able fence panels are specifically designed and manufactured to make matching a slope much easier. The pickets attach to the rails of the fence using pivots that allow the pickets and rails to adjust to any angle. We anchor the fence posts and then measure and mark the distance from the mounts to the ground just like we would on level ground. Then we hold one end of the panel to these marks on the post with clamps and line up the rails with the marks on the next fence post. The rail then adjusts to meet the angle, and we move on to the next step.

This may sound involved, but it is still much faster than putting together a fence picket by picket.


Made with welded steel, this type of ornamental fencing is stronger than its aluminum counterpart, and cannot easily be cut through like chain link can. The powder coated finish prohibits the development of rust, which means it can stand up to our Colorado winters without a problem. And steel fence will never be subject to rotting or splintering like wood fence can be.

Low Maintenance

Steel ornamental fencing is incredibly low maintenance, and will look good year after year with little to no effort from you. Contrast that to a wood fence which may need to be stained or painted. And steel fence will also not warp like wood can. The most you might need to do is use some touch-up spray paint if the fence gets scratched or nicked.

Increases Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a point of pride, but can also help you sell your home or attract new tenants to your property. Steel ornamental fencing enhances curb appeal, by creating an elegant and attractive frame through which to see the rest of your property.

Wide Range of Styles

Ornamental steel fence also comes in a wide range of styles. Options include:

  • Fence height
  • Picket spacing
  • 2-4 bottom and top rails
  • Picket bottom
  • Rail flush bottom
  • Puppy pickets
  • Fence post styles
  • Post caps
  • Finials
  • Arched gates
  • Straight gates
  • And much more

We install steel ornamental fencing from a number of manufacturers and can provide you with catalogs or websites to help you make your choices.

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Chain Link Fence Pros And Cons

Chain Link Fence – The Pros and Cons

Chain link fence has been around since 1844, when British inventor Charles Barnard developed a wire-weaving machine based on the cloth-weaving machines of the day. A number of companies use that same basic technology today to manufacture chain link fencing for use in a number of residential and commercial applications. Is it right for your project? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Pro #1 Chain Link Fence Cost

The #1 positive that chain link fence has going for it is the relatively low cost when you compare it to other fence materials, such as wood, steel, and vinyl. This makes it very cost effective for large projects such as fencing the perimeter of a commercial property or ball field. The low price also makes it an excellent choice for homeowners on a tight budget.

While installation cost is cheaper because of lower materials cost and lower labor costs, maintenance costs are also lower. That’s because chain link needs virtually no maintenance, and will last decades. Compare that to a wood fence that needs staining or painting, or is subject to wood rot.

Pro #2 Chain Link Fence Repair Is Fast and Easy

Chain link fence repair is generally only needed if a vandal cut through the chain link, or if a tree fell on it, or a car plowed into it. You’ll never need repair because of warping, rotting, or insect damage. In most cases, the repair is relatively simple and affordable. We can simply cut out the damaged piece and insert a new section. Replacing a damaged top rail is also a simple process.

Pro #3 Chain Link Fence Height Options

Chain link rolls and swing gates are available in a number of height options, making this an easy choice for a back yard fence or part of a security fence. Common heights include:

• 3’
• 3’ 6”
• 4’
• 5’
• 6’
• 7’
• 8’
• 9’
• 10’
• 12’

Many of the taller fence heights are for commercial applications, which may also include barbed wire or razor wire on top as a security measure. Taller fences may also need a rolling gate rather than a swing gate. You’ll want to be sure to check your local building and zoning codes before installing any type of fence.

A Pro and a Con: Chain Link Fencing is See-Through
As you know, chain link is see-through. For some that’s a pro – it allows you to see your dog or your children playing even while you’re on the other side of the fence. And the see-through nature allows sunshine through the fence to a garden, for example, whereas a cedar fence would block the light.

At the same time, for some, the see-through nature of chain link is a major negative. That’s where chain link privacy slats and a chain link privacy screen come in. Both are ways to add privacy to the fence, and are still cost-effective options. We can install these privacy measures at the same time we install your fence, if you would like.

Con #1 A Chain Link Fence Is Easy to Climb

Since the see-through can be a con for some people, this is technically #2. But numbers aside, the fact that chain link is so easy to climb is a deal breaker for some homeowners and even businesses. An agile dog can easily climb the fence, as can a curious child or determined trespasser.

Con #2 Chain Link Is Not Visually Appealing

Few would argue that a chain link fence is a beautiful fence that could compare with a cedar fence or a steel ornamental fence. Galvanized gray is reminiscent of an industrial complex or even a prison yard. However, there are options to get vinyl coated chain link with a PVC coating of black, brown, or green, which can increase the visual appeal.
Common Chain Link Fence Applications

You’ve probably seen chain link fencing since childhood, and never thought a lot about it until now. It’s the perfect utilitarian solution for a number of residential and commercial applications, including:

• Back yard fence
• Dog run fence
• Defining property lines
• Temporary construction fence
• Security fence for a commercial or industrial property
• Sports field fence
• Baseball backstops

Pretty much anywhere you need a fence as a boundary and don’t mind the see-through nature, chain link is a good, affordable fencing option.
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If you’re a commercial property owner or homeowner looking for a cost-effective fencing solution, chain link may be just the thing. As always, we recommend hiring a professional fence installer. While you might try to do it yourself, you might end up calling us in to fix a botched job, Save yourself the headache and call us at (720) 418-8194 to schedule a free estimate.

You can also fill out the form and we’ll get back to you by the next business day. We install chain link fencing for both residential and commercial clients throughout the Denver metro area, including Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Littleton, Golden, and surrounding areas.