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Chain Link Fence Pros And Cons

Chain Link Fence – The Pros and Cons

Chain link fence has been around since 1844, when British inventor Charles Barnard developed a wire-weaving machine based on the cloth-weaving machines of the day. A number of companies use that same basic technology today to manufacture chain link fencing for use in a number of residential and commercial applications. Is it right for your project? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Pro #1 Chain Link Fence Cost

The #1 positive that chain link fence has going for it is the relatively low cost when you compare it to other fence materials, such as wood, steel, and vinyl. This makes it very cost effective for large projects such as fencing the perimeter of a commercial property or ball field. The low price also makes it an excellent choice for homeowners on a tight budget.

While installation cost is cheaper because of lower materials cost and lower labor costs, maintenance costs are also lower. That’s because chain link needs virtually no maintenance, and will last decades. Compare that to a wood fence that needs staining or painting, or is subject to wood rot.

Pro #2 Chain Link Fence Repair Is Fast and Easy

Chain link fence repair is generally only needed if a vandal cut through the chain link, or if a tree fell on it, or a car plowed into it. You’ll never need repair because of warping, rotting, or insect damage. In most cases, the repair is relatively simple and affordable. We can simply cut out the damaged piece and insert a new section. Replacing a damaged top rail is also a simple process.

Pro #3 Chain Link Fence Height Options

Chain link rolls and swing gates are available in a number of height options, making this an easy choice for a back yard fence or part of a security fence. Common heights include:

• 3’
• 3’ 6”
• 4’
• 5’
• 6’
• 7’
• 8’
• 9’
• 10’
• 12’

Many of the taller fence heights are for commercial applications, which may also include barbed wire or razor wire on top as a security measure. Taller fences may also need a rolling gate rather than a swing gate. You’ll want to be sure to check your local building and zoning codes before installing any type of fence.

A Pro and a Con: Chain Link Fencing is See-Through
As you know, chain link is see-through. For some that’s a pro – it allows you to see your dog or your children playing even while you’re on the other side of the fence. And the see-through nature allows sunshine through the fence to a garden, for example, whereas a cedar fence would block the light.

At the same time, for some, the see-through nature of chain link is a major negative. That’s where chain link privacy slats and a chain link privacy screen come in. Both are ways to add privacy to the fence, and are still cost-effective options. We can install these privacy measures at the same time we install your fence, if you would like.

Con #1 A Chain Link Fence Is Easy to Climb

Since the see-through can be a con for some people, this is technically #2. But numbers aside, the fact that chain link is so easy to climb is a deal breaker for some homeowners and even businesses. An agile dog can easily climb the fence, as can a curious child or determined trespasser.

Con #2 Chain Link Is Not Visually Appealing

Few would argue that a chain link fence is a beautiful fence that could compare with a cedar fence or a steel ornamental fence. Galvanized gray is reminiscent of an industrial complex or even a prison yard. However, there are options to get vinyl coated chain link with a PVC coating of black, brown, or green, which can increase the visual appeal.
Common Chain Link Fence Applications

You’ve probably seen chain link fencing since childhood, and never thought a lot about it until now. It’s the perfect utilitarian solution for a number of residential and commercial applications, including:

• Back yard fence
• Dog run fence
• Defining property lines
• Temporary construction fence
• Security fence for a commercial or industrial property
• Sports field fence
• Baseball backstops

Pretty much anywhere you need a fence as a boundary and don’t mind the see-through nature, chain link is a good, affordable fencing option.
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