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If you’re looking for an attractive, low maintenance fence option for your home or commercial property, Trex® Fencing may be just the thing. It’s an excellent and attractive alternative to cedar fence that will never rot, warp, splinter, or need sealing.

While a Trex® fence may cost more up front, the lower maintenance costs and its superior durability and longevity will result in a lower cost 10 years from now. And Trex® fencing comes with a 25 year warranty for residential installations and a 10 year warranty for commercial installations.

Trex® Fence vs Vinyl

Trex® fence is not the same thing as vinyl fence. Trex® is an eco-friendlier fencing option. While vinyl fencing is 100% plastic, Trex® fence is a composite material. It’s made of 96% recycled materials, including recycled wood and plastic bags.

While both vinyl and Trex® are great for privacy fence and easier to maintain, the aesthetic of the two types of fencing is very different.

Vinyl is known for being white and shiny. Trex® fencing, on the other hand, is more natural-looking. Its matte finish and natural, earth tone colorsthat lighten with weathering give it the look of wood without all of the maintenance. And because of the unique construction, a Trex® fence looks the same on both sides.

In addition, and this is important because it’s so windy in the Denver area, a Trex® fence can withstand 110 mph winds without needing steel or wood post support.

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Top 5 Benefits of Trex® Fencing