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Steel Ornamental Fencing

Steel ornamental fencing is another fence option that is growing in popularity. It looks like wrought iron, but costs less and comes with less hassle. It’s a perfect solution to delineate property lines and provide security while providing an upscale aesthetic.
You’ve probably seen this type of fencing around estates, the grounds of assisted living facilities, around pools, and residential homes. While ornamental fencing is beautiful to look at, it is not a good solution if you are looking for privacy.

Style Options

There are a number of style options to choose from. Ornamental fencing is installed using fence panels, each with its own features. The height of the fence, distance between pickets, end shape of pickets, number and location of cross rails, appearance of bottom rail, rail sleeves, and more give you choices. Black is the standard color for powder coating.
Matching gates can be built in any width, and are available in the classic swing gate as well as slide gate. We take care with installing both your fence and your gate, to ensure it’s perfectly aligned, with no sag. Gate hardware includes hydraulic gate closers, locks, etc.
Benefits of Steel Ornamental Fencing
There are a number of benefits to steel ornamental fencing for your home or business. They include:
• Beauty and style
• Highly durable
• Works well even on a slope
• Won’t rust
• NO maintenance required
• Works well with automatic gates

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