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Types of Commercial Fencing and How to Choose

As a business owner or facilities manager, you need to keep your premises secure from intruders. But you also need to consider curb appeal and what “look” will convey the message you want to send to prospective customers and random passers-by.

Whether you’re installing commercial fencing for the first time, or you’re replacing an old fence, you’ll need to do some research to help you decide what type of fence material to use. We’ve put together some information to help you make an informed choice.

The most popular types of commercial fencing include:

  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Steel Ornamental Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Trex® Fencing
  • Cedar Fence

Let’s look at the options a little more closely, and where they best fit in.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is the most economical type of commercial fence there is. It’s one of the oldest types of fencing as well. But today’s chain link fence is not the dull grey fence you remember from the baseball diamond of your childhood.

Today’s chain link is available in several colors, thanks to vinyl coating technology. Black, green, brown, tan, and white are the most common colors. The vinyl coating not only improves the look of the fence, but it helps prevent rust. You can also add privacy slats to chain link if you need to block the view.

Chain link fence is most common in commercial and industrial applications where the curb appeal of the fence is not as important as security and economy. A chain link perimeter fence may also have razor wire on top as an added security measure to keep intruders out.

Steel Ornamental Fencing

On the opposite side of the spectrum, steel ornamental fencing is all about curb appeal. This low-maintenance fence is more expensive than chain link, but it gives off an upscale look. It allows people to see into your property, and for people on your property to see out.

It has the look of wrought iron, but is less expensive and doesn’t require the maintenance that wrought iron does. Steel ornamental fencing is powder coated, resists rust, and comes in a wide variety of styles. It is also compatible with automatic gates.

Ornamental fencing is a good choice for restaurants with outdoor dining, hotels with outdoor pools, senior living communities, cemeteries, and golf courses, just to name a few locations.

Vinyl Fencing

While you can see through chain link and steel ornamental fencing, vinyl fencing very versatile. It’s typically a solid fence, but it’s also available in decorative, open-picket styles as well as post & rail styles. Available in a number of heights, it can be a low fence around a garden area, or a taller privacy fence that encloses an area you don’t wish to be visible to passersby.

You can also use vinyl privacy fence to block out an unpleasant view. For instance, an apartment complex with a view of train tracks might put a fence at the edge of a parking lot. This protects children and helps block the view and some of the noise as well.

Vinyl fencing is also low-maintenance and won’t rot or need repainting.

Trex® Fencing

Trex® Fencing is made by the same company that makes composite decking. It is eco-friendly fencing made from recycled wood and recycled plastic. Using Trex® fencing can contribute to your LEED points, as well. It has the look of a wood fence without the risk of rotting, warping, or splinters. It also never needs to be repainted. In addition, this fencing material has all of the benefits of a vinyl privacy fence without the carbon footprint.

While you might think of Trex® fencing as primarily a residential fence, it is very popular in commercial and government projects. It is also strong enough to withstand the high winds we can sometimes get in Colorado.

Cedar Fence

Last but not least is cedar fence. A cedar fence is several steps up from a pressure-treated lumber fence, and provides a rustic or modern look to your property, depending on the style of fence you chose. It can be low-maintenance if you choose to let it weather to its natural silvery-grey color. Otherwise, you will need to seal it every few years.

A cedar fence might be a good option for a resort, retreat, spa, farm market, or any commercial property looking for a more natural look.

Who We Serve

We provide commercial fencing installation for a wide variety of commercial clients, including, but not limited to:

  • Houses of Worship
  • Daycares
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Retail
  • Hotels and Retreat Centers
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs)
  • Restaurants
  • Golf Courses
  • Country Clubs
  • Public and Private Pools
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Healthcare
  • Government

We’ll work with your team to help you select the best fencing products for your needs. If you hire us, you’ll have one point of contact and be ensured a quality fence installation.

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Get an Estimate for Commercial Fence Installation

Whether you need a new fence for your industrial complex, senior living community, or industrial facility, we can help. Just contact us and let us know what you need, and we’ll schedule an on-site visit to give you a detailed quote. We offer new fence installation as well as fence repair services you can count on.

We proudly serve commercial clients in the Denver metro area, including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Wheat Ridge, and surrounding areas.

Commercial Fence Fence Gate General Fencing

Commercial Gate Installation You Can Count On

As a Denver metro area property manager, facilities manager, or farmer, you know the value of a good fence with an easy-to-operate gate or gates. If you have an old gate that you’re looking to upgrade for aesthetics or security purposes, you’re in the right place. We provide commercial gate installation for our commercial clients and offer repair services as well.

You may want to replace your existing gate with the same kind. Or you may be interested in learning what your options are. So today, we will go over some of the types of commercial gates to help you decide what’s best for your business, facility, or property.

Keep in mind that the larger the gate, the more likely it is that you will want to have an automatic gate system, where a motorized gate operator takes care of opening and closing the gate. When we come for a site visit, we can go over all of these options and make recommendations.

You can get most of these types of gates in just about any material to match your existing fence. Depending on your budget, some manufacturers can also build custom gates with your logo and custom decorative features. We provide expert commercial gate installation using gates from leading manufacturers.

Swing Gates

A swing gate is the type of gate most of us are familiar with from residential applications. In a commercial setting, you may have one swing gate or a pair of swing gates that open on the left and right. Swing gates are common gates for driveway gates at gated communities, assisted living facilities, farms, wineries, and other businesses accessed by a driveway or vehicle path.

Cantilever / Sliding Gates

Sliding gates slide open using wheels and a track in the pavement, or in the cantilever configuration, the gate moves on rollers that run along the top side of the gate. Cantilever gates can be used in uneven terrain as well as gravel.

Vertical Lift Gates

Vertical lift gates don’t require any space to the sides beyond the size of the gate, so are a good solution where space is at a premium. The gate lifts vertically to allow entry and then closes in a downward fashion via a hydraulics system.  Vertical lift gates are highly secure and might be the commercial gate of choice for industrial facilities, correctional facilities, and military bases.

Pedestrian Swing Gates

Pedestrian swing gates for commercial facilities are essentially the same gates used in residential applications. Locking mechanism options include:

  • Electro-mechanical lock
  • Panic bar
  • Mag-lock
  • Mortise lock
  • Keypad lock
  • Padlock

Pedestrian Turnstiles

While traditional commercial gates limit vehicular traffic, pedestrian turnstiles control people traffic. They can help limit access when you have long lines of people, such as you might have at theme parks, water parks, and mass transit stations. They can be waist high or full height.

Commercial Automatic Gate Openers

Depending on your business and the size and type of your gate(s), you may need an automatic gate opener or gate operator. We can help you determine what automatic gate system will work best for your needs and budget.

Some options include:

  • A manned gate with personnel who buzz the gate open
  • Gate operators with card readers
  • Gate operators with numeric keypads
  • Motion-activated gate openers

We install automatic gate openers compatible with your gate and offer service and repair as needed.

Get a Quote for Commercial Gate Installation

Whether you need a new gate for your ranch or agricultural operation, or you need electric gate installation at your industrial facility, we can help. Simply contact us and let us know what you need, and we’ll schedule an onsite visit to give you a detailed quote. We offer gate repair, gate replacement, and gate installation along with a new fence installation.

We proudly serve commercial clients in the Denver metro area, including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Wheat Ridge, and surrounding areas.