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Top 4 Signs It’s Time for Fence Replacement

Whether you’ve lived in your home for decades, or you just bought a home with a fenced yard, it’s important to check the condition of your fence periodically. While many small problems can be remedied with professional fence repair, larger problems call for fence replacement.

Keep reading for the top 4 signs it’s time for a new fence.

1.    Your Fence Is Rotting

This is a big one. If your fence has started to rot, it might be possible to replace a portion. But chances are good that since the whole fence was put in at the same time if one fence post or section of wood fence is rotting, there are likely other areas that are starting to rot. Tearing it down and scheduling fence replacement is your best bet.

2.    Your Fence Is Dilapidated

Another sign you may want to consider fence replacement is if your current fence is dilapidated. We’re not talking about one or two missing boards, which can be remedied by fence repair. We mean when your fence is falling down, fence posts are not seated properly, wood is cracking, metal is rusting – you get the idea. It looks really bad. It’s time for out with the old and in with the new.

3.    Your Fence Is Ugly

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But you may feel like the existing fence is anything but beautiful – it’s downright ugly. Examples of this might be a rusting chain link fence overgrown with vines or a fence that has discoloration and stains that can’t be remedied. You also might think your fence is fine, but your HOA is pushing you into fence replacement because it doesn’t comply with the neighborhood aesthetics.

It’s time for an upgrade.

4.    Your Fence Doesn’t Provide Privacy

Perhaps when you moved into your home, it already had a low fence. But now you have neighbors with prying eyes, or you’ve installed a pool, and you want more privacy. Replacing a low fence with a taller privacy fence is a good solution. You can replace the existing fence with a cedar, Trex®, or vinyl privacy fence.

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