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Top 5 Benefits of a Privacy Fence

If you’re thinking about putting in a fence to enclose your back yard, a privacy fence has many benefits you won’t get with an open picket fence or ornamental fence. Each of those types of fences have their place, but today we’re going to discuss the benefits of a privacy fence.

Let’s get started.

1.     Privacy

As the name implies, a privacy fence provides privacy from neighbors and people passing by. A privacy fence is taller (6 ft. and up) and the fence boards or panels are very close together or solid. You don’t have to worry about someone watching your every move when you go into the backyard.

2.     Child Safety

If you have children, a privacy fence provides an added level of safety for your children. It’s a solid fence, so small children can’t squeeze through to chase after a bunny rabbit or ball. The solid nature of the fence also prevents someone driving by from seeing your child out playing.

3.     Dog Safety

If you have one or more dogs, a privacy fence also prevents your dog from running into the street or wandering into a neighbor’s yard where they are most unwelcome. When they’re really excited or scared, those hidden pet fences won’t stop a dog from running. A solid privacy fence will.


4.     Improves Your Back Yard

A privacy fence also improves the look of your back yard by creating a secluded hideaway. You’ll use your backyard more due to reason #1. You can also use the fence as a backdrop for landscaping – climbing vines, flowers, shrubs, and more will be sheltered from the wind.

5.     Increases Property Value

Last but not least, a privacy fence increases your property value if you decide to sell your home. Potential buyers with children and pets often have a fenced back yard on their list of “must-haves” when they’re looking for a home to buy. Other buyers will appreciate the built-in privacy the fence provides.

You’ll get a higher asking price than you would if you didn’t have a privacy fence. You will also set your property apart from others in the area that do not have fences.

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Privacy fences are one of the most popular styles we install. You can choose from cedar, Trex®, or vinyl fencing.

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