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Top Reasons to Schedule Fence Installation this Winter

If you’re like a lot of folks in the Denver area, you want to snuggle by the fire in the wintertime, or visit a ski resort and hit the slopes. The last thing you’re thinking about is fence installation. What if we told you the colder months are the perfect time to think about getting a new fence installed?

There are a number of benefits to scheduling your fence installation during the winter, rather than waiting until springtime. Let’s take a look.

You Can Avoid the Competition

As soon as the sun begins to warm things up a bit in the springtime, homeowners hit the big box stores and hardware stores to get started on outdoor projects. They also start booking appointments with local contractors. If you’re doing it, so is everyone else.

Avoid that springtime competition by scheduling your installation in the winter months.

You Get Your Fence Installed Sooner

Let’s face it. Winter is a slower time for fence contractors and other contractors who work outdoors. You can use this fact to your advantage. Because it’s a slower time for us, you may be able to get an estimate scheduled and get your design approved by the HOA (if you have one) sooner than you would in the summer months.

In addition, it’s easier and faster for us to get any needed permits because the permit offices are not as busy. This means we get your job started sooner, and your installation completed in less time than it would take in the summer.

You Might Save Money

This is no guarantee, but sometimes fence companies have surplus fence materials at the end of the year, which means you may be able to save some money if you choose a certain type of fence. But whatever you do, don’t go for el cheapo fencing material to save a few bucks. Stick with quality products for a quality fence.

And stick with a reputable fence contractor. They may offer free upgrades or lower labor costs in the winter in order to keep business coming in, and to keep their best workers on the payroll.

Winter Fence Installation is Landscape Friendly

Because your grass, perennials, and some shrubs have gone dormant, there’s no worry that heavy machinery will kill grass. And you can trim or relocate shrubs to make way for your new fence. While we always take care to protect your landscaping, winter dormancy makes that easier.

Getting your fence installed in winter also gives you time to plan for new landscaping come springtime.

Fence Contractors Have the Tools and Know-How for Winter Installation

Yes, we know the ground freezes. We can work around that. We have specialized tools and the experience to get the job done right. By using a jack-hammer or auger and a special concrete additive, we can dig post holes deep enough and keep the concrete from freezing until the fence posts are set. Then we can install the rest of your fence.

However, if we get a huge amount of snow or it’s colder than 25 degrees on your scheduled installation date, we’ll need to reschedule. We also will not install your fence when the ground is saturated and muddy, because that’s not conducive to the fence posts setting properly.

You’re Ready for Private Outdoor Living Come Springtime

If you’re tired of nosy neighbors looking into your yard, a winter privacy fence installation makes even more sense. By getting it installed now, you have the privacy you want in the spring, summer, and fall months without waiting weeks for an installation appointment.

That gives you the time to make the most of the good weather for gardening, outdoor games, and even lounging poolside.


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How to Get the Fence Installation You Deserve

Schedule a Fence Installation Estimate

If you’re looking to get a fence installed, it pays to get several estimates from reputable fence contractors. The Denver Fence Company has years of experience installing all types of fencing for homeowners and commercial clients in the Denver metro area.

Fence options include:

  • Cedar Fence
  • Trex® Fencing
  • Steel Ornamental Fencing
  • Vinyl Fence
  • Chain Link Fence

To schedule your FREE, onsite estimate, call (720) 418-8194 or complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you by the next business day. Our service area includes Denver, Arvada, Aurora, Centennial, Golden, Lakewood, the Front Range, and surrounding areas.

Privacy Fence

Top 5 Benefits of a Privacy Fence

If you’re thinking about putting in a fence to enclose your back yard, a privacy fence has many benefits you won’t get with an open picket fence or ornamental fence. Each of those types of fences have their place, but today we’re going to discuss the benefits of a privacy fence.

Let’s get started.

1.     Privacy

As the name implies, a privacy fence provides privacy from neighbors and people passing by. A privacy fence is taller (6 ft. and up) and the fence boards or panels are very close together or solid. You don’t have to worry about someone watching your every move when you go into the backyard.

2.     Child Safety

If you have children, a privacy fence provides an added level of safety for your children. It’s a solid fence, so small children can’t squeeze through to chase after a bunny rabbit or ball. The solid nature of the fence also prevents someone driving by from seeing your child out playing.

3.     Dog Safety

If you have one or more dogs, a privacy fence also prevents your dog from running into the street or wandering into a neighbor’s yard where they are most unwelcome. When they’re really excited or scared, those hidden pet fences won’t stop a dog from running. A solid privacy fence will.


4.     Improves Your Back Yard

A privacy fence also improves the look of your back yard by creating a secluded hideaway. You’ll use your backyard more due to reason #1. You can also use the fence as a backdrop for landscaping – climbing vines, flowers, shrubs, and more will be sheltered from the wind.

5.     Increases Property Value

Last but not least, a privacy fence increases your property value if you decide to sell your home. Potential buyers with children and pets often have a fenced back yard on their list of “must-haves” when they’re looking for a home to buy. Other buyers will appreciate the built-in privacy the fence provides.

You’ll get a higher asking price than you would if you didn’t have a privacy fence. You will also set your property apart from others in the area that do not have fences.

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Privacy fences are one of the most popular styles we install. You can choose from cedar, Trex®, or vinyl fencing.

Schedule a Privacy Fence Installation Quote

Fall is a great time to install a privacy fence. To reach us the quickest, call (720) 418-8194 to schedule an appointment for us to visit your home or business to give you a detailed quote. An on-site visit is necessary so that we can take measurements, make note of any slope or uneven ground, and introduce ourselves.

We serve clients in the greater Denver area, including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, and Wheat Ridge.

Privacy Fence

Top Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Denver Area Home

Top Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Denver Area Home

If your home is your castle, then your backyard represents the palace grounds. You want to be able to enjoy outdoor entertaining and have a place for your kids to play that’s protected from the prying eyes of neighbors and anyone just walking by.

You’re not alone. More and more homeowners in the Denver area are opting to install a privacy fence. Just Google “privacy fence ideas” and you’ll see an amazing variety of options for these solid fences. They enclose your yard and give you – yes – privacy. But they give your yard curb appeal and help you express your artistic side as well.

The most common options are:

  • Wood privacy fence
  • Vinyl privacy fence
  • Trex® privacy fence

Once you select a material, you’ll want to decide on color, a mix of materials, and whether you want a vertical or horizontal privacy fence. In general, a vertical fence gives a more traditional look, while a horizontal privacy fence gives off a contemporary vibe.

Again, Google is your friend. Those images that popped up when you searched for privacy fence ideas are all real fence projects and ones that we can duplicate.


Vertical or Horizontal Cedar Fence?

Trex® Fencing vs Wood

How to Get the Fence Installation You Deserve

Privacy Fence Height

In addition to being pretty solid with no large gaps like you would see with steel ornamental fencing or split-rail fencing, privacy fencing is also tall. The standard height is 6’. Tall enough so many people can’t see over, or just the top of their head would be visible.

But privacy fence panels and pickets are also available in 7’ and 8’ heights. Which height brings your privacy fence ideas to life will depend on your aesthetics and local restrictions.

Add a Lattice Fence Topper for Privacy

For added privacy with flair and a view, consider adding a lattice fence topper. You’ve seen pictures of them, or maybe even seen a fence in your neighborhood with one. You have your standard solid privacy fence, and then the topper attaches to the top, adding one foot to the height of the fence. But since it’s lattice, you can see through to the other side.

A lot of our clients choose to install a 6’ privacy fence and add a lattice topper for visual appeal at the time of their fence installation.  If you have an existing privacy fence, adding a topper could be a DIY project if you have the time and the right tools. If you need help, give us a call. We may be able to fit you into our schedule.

Add Plant Material

When you search for images of privacy fence ideas, you’re also likely to see pictures of fences with attached pergolas with vining plants, as well as people who have turned a portion of their fence into a living wall by adding plant shelves and pots.

Depending on how close your fence is to your property line, you can also plant small trees on the outside of the fence, or on the inside, to add additional height. Keep your landscaping and living wall ideas in mind when you choose your fence material, and decide how close to your property lines to install it.

Follow the Rules and Regulations

Whatever you do, before you spend any money on your privacy fence ideas, make sure the fence height you want complies with your HOA rules as well as local regulations. This is another reason it’s a good idea to work with a professional fence company. They know when and where to go to get the correct permits, all the ins and outs of property line setbacks, and more.

The last thing you want to do is hire a handyman or a fly-by-night contractor who puts up a fence in the wrong place, or one that’s too high, or doesn’t get the right permits. Doing any of these can result in you paying to have your new fence torn out. And that would be a shame.

Get a Privacy Fence Installation Quote

Got some privacy fence ideas you want to turn into reality? We can help. To get a privacy fence installation quote, set up a consultation using the contact form or call (720) 418-8194. If you’re not sure what height or type of fencing to install at your home or business, we can give you multiple quotes using multiple fence materials.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee a quality privacy fencing installation. We proudly serve homeowners and commercial clients in the Denver metro area, including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Wheat Ridge, and surrounding areas.

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What Type of Fencing Is Best?

What Type of Fencing Is Best for My Home or Business?

This is a question with no simple answer. No two customers will think exactly alike. It all depends on what you want and need a fence for, what you want it to look like, and what your budget is.

There are two main things to consider: types of fencing materials, and types of fences. Keep in mind your budget and aesthetics as you read through your options.

Types of Fencing Materials

We’ll discuss the types of fencing materials we use in fence installation. These include:

Cedar Fence

Cedar fence gives a classic look to your home or upscale business. It can also give a rustic look, depending on the style of fence panels and whether you choose to let it age to its natural silvery grey color. Unlike other, cheaper wood fences, a cedar fence resists rotting and can stand up to harsh sunlight.

Trex® Fencing

Trex® fencing gives you the look of wood without the potential for rotting, splintering, or maintenance such as painting or staining. It is an excellent solution for those seeking a privacy fence that looks great and meets HOA standards.

Steel Ornamental Fence

Steel ornamental fence lives up to its name – ornamental. It is designed to look good, and make your residential or commercial property look good to someone passing by. If you want privacy, this is not the fence for you. But if you need a fence to keep the kids and pets in or to showcase your property, it can be a good, no-maintenance option.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence can be a good solution for both shorter garden fences and privacy fence. Some homeowners use it as pool fence, as well. It can give an upscale look to a commercial property where privacy is important, such as around a hotel pool or patio area. Vinyl is also low maintenance, and just may need hosing down once in a while,

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is a very cost-effective solution if you have to fence in a large area. We see it most commonly in commercial and industrial applications, such as around warehouse properties, industrial complexes, etc. Homeowners might use it for a dog run or for another smaller area where what the fence looks like is not as important as how it functions.

Types of Fences

By types of fences, we mean taller fences such as privacy fences, or shorter picket fences. These are sometimes referred to as fence styles. Then within each of those categories, you can choose among:

  • Picket, plank, or panel styles
    • Dog ear, scallop, flat top, Gothic, lattice top, shadow box, rail, and more
  • Color (in some cases)

You may be limited in the fence material, style, and color you can install at your home or business, based on your HOA or commercial district regulations. But if you want a privacy fence, you will want to go with a cedar, Trex®, or vinyl fence. If you want to showcase your property and just have a physical barrier, a steel ornamental fence might be a good option. And if you just need a shorter fence to frame your front yard, you can use any kind of material or style.

Fence Gates

Your fence gate will be the same material and style of your fence. But you still have many options regarding whether you want a double gate, an automatic gate, or other feature. How far you venture from the basic gate will increase the cost of the gate itself.

Get a Fence Installation Quote

If you’re looking for an honest fence company with quality fence installation and competitive pricing, you’re in the right place. Set up a consultation using the contact form or call (720) 418-8194. If you’re “on the fence” as to which type of fencing and style of fence to install at your home or business, we can give you multiple quotes using multiple fence materials and styles.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee a quality fence installation. We proudly serve homeowners and commercial interests in the Denver metro area, including Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Wheat Ridge and surrounding areas.