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Vertical or Horizontal Cedar Fence?

Vertical or Horizontal Cedar Fence: How to Decide

So, you’ve decided to get a cedar fence. Congratulations! A cedar wood fence is a desirable addition to any home or business, and can increase curb appeal and eventual resale value. In fact, it’s one of the more popular fence types in the Denver area.

But what style are you going to get? Will yours be a vertical or horizontal cedar fence? Which one is right for your home or business can depend on a number of factors, including your aesthetic and your budget.

Let’s take a look at each type of fence design.

Vertical Cedar Fence Is Traditional

A vertical cedar fence design is the traditional style. Cedar fence pickets or boards come in a variety of styles, including:
• Flat top
• Notched top (Dog ear)
• Scalloped
• Negative scallop
• Pointed top pickets
• Virginia top pickets
• French Gothic

With a vertical style, you can choose between boards or pickets closely spaced for privacy fencing, or pickets spaced further apart for an open look. Fence panels are generally constructed as privacy fencing.

Horizontal Cedar Fence Is More Modern

When it comes to style, a horizontal cedar fence is becoming more and more popular. We can place horizontal cedar planks close together, with an eighth-inch gap between them for privacy, or with a 1/4th – 1” opening between them for a lighter, open feel. And then a lot of clients like an additional lattice fence panel or other fence top panel to let in more light.

Cedar fence panels typically come in a vertical configuration, but there are a few horizontal options available. If you want more of a custom horizontal fence, that can add to the installation cost. You should also keep in mind that a horizontal fence uses more fence posts, but no stringers.

To Age or Not to Age?

Whichever fence configuration you decide to go with, there is one more thing to consider. To age or not to age? That is the question. With apologies to Hamlet, you need to decide what you want your cedar fence to look like in the coming years.

If you want it to retain the reddish hue, you will need to stain it with a clear stain. But you can also let your cedar age naturally. Cedar ages to a beautiful silvery-gray that can be highly desirable. Whether you choose to stain or not to stain depends on your personal aesthetic.

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