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Top 5 Benefits of Trex® Fencing

Installing a privacy fence to enclose your backyard gives you instant privacy and protection for your children and pets. While cedar fence is very popular in the Denver area, Trex® fencing is gaining in popularity. And it’s not hard to see why.

Today, we’re going to go over the top 5 benefits of Trex® fencing for your Denver area yard.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Trex® Fencing is made from 95% recycled materials (reclaimed wood, sawdust, and recycled plastic), making it an eco-friendly choice you can feel good about. Trex® annually keeps more than 400 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap out of landfills.

No Splinters, Warping, Cracking, or Rotting

And while Trex® fencing has the look of a wood fence and comes in natural wood colors, it doesn’t have any of the drawbacks a wood fence does. It will never splinter, warp, crack, or rot. This means you won’t have regular fence repairs as the fence ages or is exposed to severe weather.

Low Maintenance

Trex® fencing is very low-maintenance. It may need a hosing down a couple of times a year. But it will never need to be sanded, stained, or painted to keep looking its best. That saves you time AND money every year, year after year.

No “Ugly” Side

In addition, with a Trex® fence, there’s no “ugly” side to the fence, unlike with a stockade fence. With a stockade fence, you see the backer rails, fasteners, etc. while your neighbor sees the smooth side.
But with Trex® fencing, you get the same visual benefit of the “pretty” side of the fence your neighbor sees. With its board-on-board appearance along with top and bottom fascia rails, a Trex® fence has a beautiful, finished appearance on both sides.

25-Year Residential Warranty

Trex® also provides an industry-leading 25-year residential warranty on fencing products. This is your guarantee that the fence will not warp, split, crack, or rot. If there is any sort of manufacturing defect, Trex® will either replace the portion with the problem or refund your money. The commercial warranty is 10 years.
While the upfront cost of Trex® fencing might be more than a cedar fence or wood fence, the low maintenance and increased durability can make it a more cost-effective and less time-consuming option. As always, we recommend professional fence installation to get optimal results.

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