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Pros and Cons of a Cedar Privacy Fence

Pros and Cons of a Cedar Privacy Fence for Your Denver Area Back Yard

If you’re thinking of installing a cedar privacy fence to enclose your Denver area backyard, you’re not alone. Cedar is one of the most popular privacy fencing options. Today, we’re going to go over some of the pros and cons of cedar as the material of choice for your privacy fence installation.

We’re breaking it down into categories:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Cost


You want a fence that looks good and complements your home. How a fence looks is one of the top considerations for a homeowner.


Cedar is a naturally beautiful choice for a wood privacy fence. The reddish hue is more attractive than the lighter color of pressure-treated pine, and more natural-looking than a bright-white vinyl privacy fence.


To maintain the red tone, a cedar privacy fence will need to be sealed immediately after installation and periodically after that. Or if you like the look of weathered cedar, you can let it weather to a silvery-grey.

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If you’re going to invest in installing a wood privacy fence, you want it to last.


A cedar privacy fence is highly durable. It naturally resists insects and wood rot and can stand up to cold and wet weather.  Cedar is strong and will have minimal to no shrinkage or warping. With yearly maintenance, a cedar fence can last 30 years.

By contrast, a pressure-treated wood fence that’s been chemically treated will eventually warp or shrink and can rot, as well. A standard wood fence will last about 15 years.


A cedar privacy fence will need pressure-treated pine or steel fence posts. That’s because since cedar is not chemically treated, a fence post can rot if placed below ground.


Any fence will require maintenance. How much maintenance will depend on the material you choose.


Cedar is weather and rot-resistant, as well as resistant to bugs. A cedar privacy fence will require less maintenance than other types of wood fence but still needs your attention. To help your cedar fence last longer and look its best, you should clean your fence once a year, and seal it if you don’t want it to weather to a silvery-grey.

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If you allow your fence to weather and don’t take care of it, it will eventually deteriorate. To keep it looking its best, you will need to apply a clear sealant with UV ray-blocking ability every couple of years. This is still less maintenance than other wood fences need.

If you like the look of wood but want minimal maintenance, you might want to consider a Trex® privacy fence.


Now it’s time to get down to dollars and cents. Cost is always a factor to consider.


A cedar privacy fence will cost more than a pine fence. But it will cost less than a vinyl fence or Trex® fence. When you consider how much longer a cedar fence will last when compared to other wood fences, it’s a cost-effective and attractive solution. If you want to save money and don’t mind a little maintenance, a cedar privacy fence may be a good choice for you.


An increase in lumber prices has driven up the cost of a cedar fence, but for many of our clients, it’s still the best choice for a privacy fence.

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